Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sultan declares end to Ramadan, Sunday Eid-el-Fitr Day

Today ​Sunday June 25 equivalent of Shawwal 1 is Sallah, Sultan of Sokoto and President-General Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has said. The Sultan of Sokoto Declaring the new moon Saturday night at his Palace in Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar said the new moon was sighted in parts of the country including Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. He therefore asked Muslims all over Nigeria to cease to fast as it is not permitted to fast on Sallah day.

The Sultan congratulated the Muslims for successful completionof the month long fasting period and urged them to keep alive the lessons of Ramadan even after fasting is over.

Shiites decry alleged attack by police in Kaduna

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria, also known as Shiites,  has decried what sit described as an attack on its members by members of security forces,   saying they attacked a peaceful procession in Kaduna to mark the annual Qudus day as part of an attempt to decimate it’s members.

A​ddressing a press conference in Kaduna, one of the leaders of the group, Sheikh Yakubu Yahaya, condemned the alleged use of live bullets to disperse a peaceful protest by its members.

According to him, same processionwas held in other cities nationwide without incidence except Kaduna. He said the group had taken its case to Allah for justice. “This is what we witnessed, police started with tear gas and fired live bullet and it is rather unfortunate , we are calling for the release of theleader of the IMN, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife according to the court ruling”, Yahaya said.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Eid-el-Fitr: Saraki urges Nigerians to pray for Buhari’s quickrecovery

Senate President Bukola Saraki has urged all Nigerians and Muslims across the country to imbibe the spirit of tolerance, peace, patriotism and love for one another as a way of building a strong and united nation,just as he reiterated his call on Nigerians to continue to pray for the quick recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Saraki who congratulated Muslim faithful on the successful completion of a month-long Ramadan fast, said that only tolerance, stronger sense of patriotism and love for one anotherwill help the country sail through the present multiple agitations confronting her.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, to commemorate the Eid-el-Fitri celebrations, the Senate President who called on Nigerians to put love of the country over and above individual and sectional interests, said, “We should put into practice the lessons of tolerance, perseverance, and love for our neighbours that we learnt during the Ramadan period to overcome the multiple agitations threatening the corporate existence of our country,” Saraki said. “We should realize that our strength as a nationrevolves around our diverse nature,and we must do all we can to ensure that we manage these diversity to build a strong, economically viable, politically stable and prosperous nation”.

While reiterating the Senate’s resolve and determination to keep the nation united, Saraki who noted that the task is a collective responsibility, just as he charged Nigerians to embrace peace and dialogue in resolving contentious issues, adding, “We should learn to always follow the path of dialogue in resolving our differences rather than advocating for violence and other extra-constitutional means to settling our grievances.” The Senate President who said that the economic situation of the country was a major contributor to the growing agitations and tension, however reassured Nigerians that the government was fully aware of the difficulties faced on daily basis by the people and is working seriously to get the nation out of the current recession very soon. He said, “Both at the executive and legislative levels, we are putting together policies and laws aimed at returning the country to prosperity and the indices coming out from the experts show that the measures we are taking are yielding good results. 

We can only plead with the people to continue to show understanding and know that we will not take their patience for granted. “I will like to also use this occasion of the Eid-el-Fitri, as I did in my message at the commencement of Ramadan fast, to urge all of us to continue to pray for the quick recovery of our dear President, President Muhammadu Buhari. My thoughts and prayers are always with him for his quick recovery and safe return to continue with the enormous task of nation building.”

​Who is afraid of restructuring? By Mahmoon Baba-Ahmed

Like the proverbial bad coin, the question of restructuring Nigeria has once again resurfaced with a potent force. It is now vehemently canvassed by powerful political groups, ethnic chauvinists, separatist movements and even die-hard insurgent groups. Suddenly, debates on whether to restructure Nigeria or not, began to feature fervently at all fora where national issues are discussed intelligibly. While heated debates raged on, many believe that the restructuring of Nigeria is long overdue and, therefore, urgent steps need to be taken now to ensure its actualization. Other people simply reflect on why governments after governments in the country failed to give a hoot a bout the subject, avoiding its execution as if that will lead the nation to Armageddon, or cause its eventual disintegration and consequent destruction.

Funny enough, most of the supporters of that cause have in the past been in a position to give fillip to the agitation for restructuring the country but had, instead chosen to remain totally aloof and completely complacent. The central argument in favor of restructuring is hinged on the fact that it would make the federation less centralized by concentrating power to few hands, making it less cumbersome and less autocratic in  managing the affairs  of the country’s federating units. Incidentally, ethno-tribal groups such as the  Yoruba  Afenifere and the  Pan-Igbo Ohaneze have constantly been renewing  this agitation  with renewed vigor  since the fall of  president Goodluck Jonathan from power.

But if the truth must be told, restructuring a multi-ethnic, culturally diverse country like Nigeria is an uphill task which demands a favorable executive-legislative interfacing. It is also a time-consuming undertaking which if not carefully handled may precipitate ugly situations that could lead to civil war. It is precisely because of that, the previous PDP administration, propelled by the inordinate Ibo interest, spent prohibitive sum of money on an unsuccessful National Conference intended to achieve the aim of restructuring Nigeria, but having lacked a political will, it failed to achieve the objective for which it was commissioned.  Many Nigerians believe that the ready-made solution to the country’s numerous problems is the restructuring of the country without really considering the question of incredible leadership which has largely remained unaddressed, and which also had always failed the nation.    

True federation cannot certainly thrive under the conditions that promote corruption, indiscipline, tribalism and favoritism.  Any democratic structure founded on these vices is bound to fail woefully. It is quite obvious that a nation where a very negligible percentage of its leaders are kleptomaniac, stealing huge some of money enough to impoverish their compatriots requires  an extremely potent dose, more that simple restructuring exercise,  to overcome its  predicaments.

Nigerians who indulge in luxury, brought about by corrupt practice, who also hail and celebrate corrupt people and officials and condone freedom from unpleasant consequences will never benefit from the advantages of true federalism and will always remain the victims of leadership-inflicted poverty. Can Nigerians really, now or in the not too-distant future address the issues of money politics professed by immensely powerful money bags and embrace people with unquestionable character and leadership acumen even if they are financially handicapped? 

With the prevailing unfavorable politico-economic conditions in the country and the prevalent corruption and vile practices among the strata of the society the unending agitations and deafening calls for restructuring will, to a large extent, remain unreciprocated. What is going to be more helpful is massive enlightenment   about the imperatives of good leadership than clamoring for restructuring that may hardly ever materialize. Anything short of this would really put an old wine in a new bottle to be dispensed to newly restructured units, the well-intentioned objectives of its exponents notwithstanding.

With the nation now practically lying prostrate, and faced with the prospects of another distractive, impracticable preposition of restructuring the country, many agree that Nigeria is not ripe or even overdue for any overhaul. The time is not now for bringing about a drastic or fundamental internal change that may alter the relationship between different components or constituents of a country. Nigerians have lived together for long, seeking to understand their differences, and have learnt how to forget or ignore areas that cause occasional frictions in their relationship.   In that way, they have forged ahead together, plodding on a tortuous road to the shaky and rickety unity which they always sought to fortify and render more purposeful.

As it is now, it is quite easy for everyone to talk about restructuring whether or not he or she understands what it is all about. Many believe that restructuring Nigeria will lead to its eventual disintegration, but if that is inevitable, let it disintegrate so that the components could go their own way and devise the best means by which they could survive. Nobody is  really afraid of restructuring.  After all Nigeria is said to be an accidental contraption of many incompatible constituents   by our former colonial masters. So, let us revert to the position we were before colonialism.

Eid-El-Fitr: Umar Nasco calls for unity, understanding among ethnic groups

EID- El-FITR....
The time has yet come again for those of us whom Allah (swt) has spared their lives to say Alhamdullillah!  'Taqabbal ALLAHU minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and us). It is commonly used to greet during eid after Ramadan fasting month.

We have forgone our desires in obedience to the service of Almighty Allah, for this period we have built friendship, we forgave, we have avoided sins, we have kept calm and we held on to prayers, that is the right way to go even after the Ramadan fast.

I pray Allah (swt) will reward us abundantly, bless our parents and forgive the dead.

My fellow Nigerians, Let this Ramadan be reason for a new vista of development for ourselves, our communities, state and nation. Let it be the reason we shelve the tantrums of war and divisive tendencies that has beclouded a very promising nation of ours, it is hard to believe that my friend Nnamdi will want me to apply for a visa before I can visit him in Abakaliki, or Tobechukwu from Arochukwu having to go through same to visit me in Nasko.

Let us break down that barrier, breakdown the wall of division, breakdown the thought, nations are only mental divisions, in the sight of God we are all one in humanity.

The world is going global, commerce has globalized, that Chinese now produce clothes for Italians, Americans produce for Nigerians and Nigerians produce for Africans, bridges are built to connect each other, communications is now easy, we are better off as global citizens instead of tribal champions and local heroes.

From this EID-el-fitr, I call on all gladiators to tow the channel of peace, withdraw ultimatums, cease hate speeches, be fair to each other and allow for the nation to grow, this goes more to the political class, who use these divisions to pursue or further their aspirations, feather their nest and grow their families, imagine a war in Nigeria and imagine the victims, whose interest will that serve? big Nations will supply guns, poor citizens will die, rich persons will fly abroad with their families and  everything will stagnate, isn't it clear to all that those who fan the embers of war aren't resident among us, we have nowhere to go other than where we live and we will not "burn it down" this is my EID-el-fitr declaration

It might be imperative that a review of our system could be looked at either through restructuring or strengthening the federating units especially the local governments but piecemeal disintegration of the Nation is only a precursor for weakness.

Let our differences unite us under one Nation.

Happy Eid-el-fitr to muslims across the world

Umar Nasko,
Jarman Kontagora.

14 injured as fire razes  Kano House of Assembly member's house 

​AT least 14 persons, believed to be relatives of the Kano State of Assembly member, Hon Kabiru Hassan Gashir, representing Kiru Constituency, suffered varying degree of burns in domestic fire incident at his official residence at Farawa quarters of Kano metropolis. It was gathered that nine of the victims, who suffered severe burns were immediately rushed to Dala Orthopedic Hospital, while the other five were admitted at the Emergency ward of the Aminu KanoTeaching Hospital. 

An eye witness, disclosed that the fire, which engulfed the entire residence, occurred yesterday evening when a cooking gas exploded and engulfed the entire building, while the enraging fire startled the house maid. Furthermore, the eyewitness, disclosed that most of the victims were reportedly rescued by a teeming crowd, including concerned members of the public, who flooded the vicinity to also rescue trapped victims in the blazing building. 

However, the incident happened in the absence of Hon Kabiru Hassan Gashir, who is currently in the Holy City of Mecca to perform the lesser hajj.

MambillaMassacre: Security chiefs relocate to Mambilla Plateau

​To stem the ranging crisis between the Fulani and Mambilla in Sardauna Council of Taraba State, security chiefs, include the General Officer Commanding (GOC) the 3 Division of the Nigeria Army, Brig-Gen. Benjamin Ahanotu, Commandment of the 23 Brigade, Yola in Adamawa State, Brig-Gen. Bello A Mohammed, Commandant of the 20 Battalion in Sarti, Lt-Col. Abdullahi Anwar and the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Yunana Yakubu Babas, have temporarily relocated to the area.

In a meeting with the Chairman of the council, Mr. John Yep, Mohammed traced the genesis of the crisis, which led to want on destruction of lives and property, to the arrest of a Mambilla man and Wakili of Ngoroje. He said the crisis could have been averted if relevant security measures were put in place. He admonished security chiefs on the need to establish a motor circle unit in the area because of the difficult terrain. Mohammed urged the state government to as a matter of urgency fashion out measures that would put to rest the incessant clashes in the area. 

Responding, Yep explained said the council was living no stone unturned to prevent further crisis that could led to the displacement of persons.At the time of filing this report, all the security chiefs, along with journalists, were on a visit to the affected villages.